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Your family matters. You matter. Our priority is you – and our role is to provide sound strategic counsel in the most trying times. Family legal cases are often clouded by strong emotions, frequently to the detriment of the whole family. It’s not about who wins or loses – that’s short-sighted. It’s about providing a fair resolution by safely navigating uncharted waters with your future well-being in mind.

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It’s important to have a plan. Whether you’re drafting a will or establishing a family trust, our purpose is to ensure that everything you’ve been a part of, and all that you hold dear, is properly setup the way you want it to be. We’re good at this because we’re sensitive and diligent at managing all matters of estate planning and administration as well as probate applications. We have the skills to deal with complex situations – our experience and track record prove it.

In 2021 Bales Beall was honoured to be named one of Canada’s Top 5 Wills, Trusts & Estates Boutiques by Canadian Lawyer Magazine.


No one wants to need us. However, there are circumstances when disputes require litigation, and when they do, having knowledgeable and strategic representation can make all the difference. We are detailed and effective in our approach. Whether it’s family law, estates or business disputes, we won’t take these matters lightly. Our best interest is acting in yours.


Avoiding trial can save you much more than just time and money, which is why negotiated settlements are desirable to resolve issues fairly. Karon Bales is a distinguished and trusted mediator – employing best practices to settle both family law and estate disputes. You deserve a fair settlement, so that you can move on with your life.