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There are no easy answers.

**** ATTENTION ****

It has always been one of our goals to deliver legal services to our clients with honesty and integrity. However, it has come to our attention that certain unidentified individuals with no connection to our firm have been defrauding victims through the use of our name, logo and reputation to substantiate requests for large amounts of money. They are sending these requests via email or fax, and have created websites that mirror the presentation of our Firm website. If you have been contacted by a lawyer in our firm on an unsolicited basis seeking to establish a solicitor-client relationship, particularly if it relates to collecting an inheritance or unclaimed bank account, please contact our office at 416-203-8591


When life, family or profession presents challenges, that’s precisely when Bales Beall comes into its own. We provide the options and the path that lead to resolution. Knowing what’s at stake, we strive to make the process as easy as possible. It helps that our reputation precedes us – as exceptional providers of strategic legal counsel.

We are collaborative, whenever possible, and tough when necessary. We measure our value by the calibre of advice we provide, relationships we rebuild, crises we avert and respect we earn. It’s a quality we chalk up to our human experience: the intangibles that together define your best possible choice in a legal partner.